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Why the Newest Kim Kardashian Selfie is SO Annoying

Mercedes Perez

Posted on March 07 2016

Unless you have taken a social media sabbatical you have probably seen the newest nude selfie of Kim Kardashian. In case you haven't here it is taken from her instagram @kimkardashian

I don't necessarily find the picture itself annoying. Another day , another provocative Kim selfie. What I find annoying is that I have seen a lot of headlines claiming this is her "three month postpartum body"

What people are failing to remember is that less than 24 hours ago she was photographed with long black hair. 

Kim will typically use a #tbt when posting old pics but instead she went with " When you're like I have nothing to wear". The photo she posted after this with blonde hair says " Paris Flashback". She mentions it on that post ,but not the naked selfie. Guess I just expected more out of Kim. She knows all the struggles of being a postpartum mommy I just hoped for more honesty. She isn't fooling everyone; her instagram is filled with comments about it being an old picture & how she photoshopped her waist. Well Kim, it worked! You are a trending today!

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