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Can Kids Be Fashion Icons?

Mercedes Perez

Posted on July 06 2015

When you look up " kids fashion icons" you get a google search that results with a lot of "celebrity kids".  Some of the top tots are:
1. Suri Cruise         2. Blue Ivy                    


      3. North West          4. & 5. Penelope & Mason Disick


I love all of their styles! They are all unique in their own way. Uniqueness seems to be one of the most sought after traits for kid's fashion. Even as adults we definitely don't like to see someone else in our same outfit! What makes your kid's style unique? What influences them? Does your little one even think about what to wear. When kids actually start dressing themselves what is inspiring their look? Is it comfort, convenience, older siblings, mom, dad or other kids?  We found a local San Antonio kid and became very intrigued with this style. 

Meet Tristan a 5 year old boy who will steal your heart with that gorgeous hair and charming personality! We asked his mom a few questions about him and his style. This is what she had to say.

Me: Does Tristan always have a say in what he wears?

Mom:Tristan has always had a say in what he wears. From the time he could walk into his closet I would let him choose whatever he wanted to wear.

Me: At what age did you realize he had his own sense of style

Mom:2 maybe earlier than that because he loved to put on these toy story boots and hat then walk around the house in his diaper

Me: What is his favorite look?

Mom: He loves long socks and hats right now

Me: I love the long hair, does he? Would he freak out if you wanted to cut it?

Mom: He does like his long hair but there are times he gets teased about it at school and he will come home and ask to cut it like brother's since the girls are school were calling him a girl. 

Me: If we asked Tristan where he got his style from what do you think he would say?

Mom:Not sure, maybe his brother

Me: He seems to be very creative in how he puts his outfits together; is he creative with other activities?

Mom: Yes he is creative for a 5 year old and can draw really well. He plays with his toys and imagines a land of whatever toy it is. Transformer land for transformers, race track for his cars ect 

Me: Does he ever copy his older brother's style or does he always stick with his own

Mom: Tristan sees what his older brother wears and he copies it in a sense that it might be the same clothes but like the picture of him playing the game he has one sock up and the other one down. We told him to fix it thinking he might not have known it was down but his response was "its supposed to be like that" My response to that was " okay looks good".

I allow my children to wear that they want to suit their style. I believe it creates who they are as people and that is very important to me as their mom that they know who they are inside and out. Their sense of style now has a lot to do with how they see themselves and their confidence which is very important to me as well. 

Tristan holds a very key characteristic that I feel has a lot to do with his sense of style. This kid is confident in everything he does. He knows what he wants, how he wants it and is not afraid to let you know about it. When he plays sports he is not the least bit afraid to go out there and play. One time when he was nervous about taking a dual language test and I tried to compare it to when he goes out to play soccer. Tristan's response to me was " Mom I just go out there and I play!".


 Sounds like Tristan's best accessory is his confidence.  That's something everyone can wear at any age. I do have to admit when I first met Tristan that was something I noticed right away.  I love that his mom has allowed him to dress himself from such a young age , and even when he comes up with a not so typical look she doesn't tell him to change or it doesn't look good. What a confidence builder!  Thank you to Tristan's mom Vanessa for allowing us to feature her son. Hopefully next time we can get some time with Tristan! 

One thing that I use to find funny back when Kim Kardashian first had North was she said that her daughter didn't like pink and that's why she never wore it. I didn't believe it then ,but I definitely do now! If their parents let them, I think kids dressing themselves can teach you a lot about them and give them a chance to be creative and build some confidence. I think "kid fashion icons" are more for the adults. We are the ones seeing what these famous tots and admiring their styles. Parents, what do you think ? What makes your kid's style unique? What influences them? Do you let your kids dress themselves?  Does your little one even think about what to wear?  When kids actually start dressing themselves what is inspiring their look? Is it comfort, convenience, older siblings, mom, dad or other kids? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! 


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