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Dad First, Musician Second

Mercedes Perez

Posted on July 10 2015

   If you are from Texas or Missouri you  have hopefully heard of Jeff Wood , a singer/ song writer.The first time I heard him sing was in Fredricksburg, TX over a bottle of wine shared with friends and boyfriend (my husband now). At the time my thoughts were " wow he sings well, wonder if he knows some Johnny Cash" ;which by the way he does! Anyhow, my boyfriend/ husband (now) bought his CDs and we became quick fans.  You could probably call us groupies. Jeff has played our engagement, wedding & one year anniversary.  See I told you... groupies!     

Little did I know that he was much more than   " the guy with the guitar" playing "Brown Eyed Girl" for the 478798753453th time.Yes he does awesome covers and writes incredible songs. But for someone who is so talented he talks way more about Shelby (8) & Gabe (6), his kids, than anything else. For me personally I didn't just become a fan because hes a great musician I became a fan also because of how awesome of a Dad he is. He beams with pride when talking about them.  How many musicians can you say that about?

He even spotlights Shelby and Gabe on his youtube channel & his facebook. I love that he involves them in his work and sparks creativity that they probably wouldn't get if it wasn't for him.  In a world that children are getting iPhones, XBOXes & iPads for birthdays and Christmas its nice to see families bonding creatively. Everyday is "bring your child to work day". What a cool life, he gets to play music for a living and have fun with his kids. They create some some entertaining youtube videos.  When you watch his videos  you want to laugh and cry all at the same time.  You can tell the kids love it and have a great time making them.  A pretty awesome side note is that his song Where Greatness Begins   is the song I walked down the aisle to, well it turns out that it was written for his kids.  They inspire his work and that's just amazing.

Please check out Jeff http://www.musicjeffwood.net/ , like him on facebook, instagram and if you are in San Antonio check out one of his shows and make sure to request "Brown eyed girl"... KIDDING!

Request he plays Magic or Cowgirl . Those are 2 popular original songs of his! Below are my favorite videos he made with his kids. So funny and cute! Check em out! Support your local artists and businesses!



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  • Kyle Worthington: July 10, 2015

    I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s vocals since way back when we met in college and he would bring in his guitar to the student newspaper office and serenade us…I can still hear him singing the awesome Killer Friendly" (an original by his then-band Alter Ego — later changed to The Sound and the Fury). After the band’s breakup, Jeff continued persuing his musical dream solo and has self-released more than a few CDs of original material that are worth picking up. Since he moved to the South, I haven’t been able to catch him live these last several years (unfortunately, he had a Lee’s Summit, Missouri gig booked on my birthday last month but I had conflicting plans set). Keep living the dream, Jeff!

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