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What Moms Really Want ( Need for Christmas)

Mercedes Perez

Posted on December 09 2015

Ever gotten a gift from someone and just wanted to shake them it was so horrible and not well thought about AT ALL?  We all get the " its the thought that counts" , but what if you just post this nifty list on your wall? It may really help someone out :) So here is the Fox & Tots gift guide for moms!

1.  A coupon to babysit your little ones!  Sure not everyone is fit to care for your kids ,but hey desperate times can call for desperate measures. You can only be thrown up on , pooped on or step on a Lego before you just completely lose it. When that day comes you cash in your babysitting coupon :)

2. Speaking of Legos... have you seen these Lego slippers??? ALL moms need these! It might prevent premature cussing ; because you know saying one is inevitable if you step on one!

via Cnet http://www.cnet.com/news/legos-anti-lego-slippers-have-extra-foot-padding-for-protection/#!

3. If you're really feeling generous a WINE CLUB MEMBERSHIP. This is definitely the gift that keeps on giving! Its much easier to be abused by mini versions of yourself if you know wine is going to be the prize at the end of the night :) 

4.  A paid Netflix membership for a year!  Or even adding them to your current account. This can be really helpful for parents. No one likes to use the TV as a babysitter but we need to shower at some point lol.

5. A massage gift certificate with a promise that you will watch the kiddos for an hour!

6. Moms love yoga pants. They were them everywhere. They are comfy and durable. That's a gift that can't go wrong :)

7. A gift card for cleaning services!

8. A gift card to get their car detailed. Those cheerios end up EVERYWHERE!  ..." is that a cheerio in my bra? Seriously"

9. Target Gift Card because there is always something at Target that is needed!

What else can we add to this list??

I need a number #10 :)


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