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Fox & Tots Brand Reps Terms & Conditions

Primary Terms & Conditions 

  • Reps are chosen based on quality of submitted photos from applicant pool. The photos are judged solely on presentation and image clarity. Remember, you are advertising for Fox & Tots and your child's photos will be representative and reflective of Fox & Tots. 
  • We reserve the right to reject any applicant without explanation.
  • You agree that your child's photos may be used in paid national or international advertising campaigns for Fox & Tots and that you will receive no additional royalties, benefits, and or other monetary compensation outside of the stated benefits of your brand representative contract.
  • Your representative contract term is non-expiring, so long as you meet all requirements and continue at your own will. You may self terminate your role as a brand representative at any time by contacting the Reps Facebook group administrator.
  • Fox & Tots reserves the right to suspend and or terminate the contract of any brand representative for any reason, without notice, and with no appeal process. You agree Fox & Tots, it's owners, and or employees, are not to be held liable for any damages and or unforeseen consequences as a result of Fox & Tots brand representation. Audits will be performed to ensure that all requirements are being met. There is 

Benefits & Requirements

  • You will be issued a 15% discount code with unlimited personal usage on any RTS clothing and or RTS accessory purchase in the online store. You cannot use discount codes for fabric purchases. The 15% discount code is to be used by you alone and cannot be shared with anyone and or be used to purchase gifts for others. These purchases must occur at least 3 business days or more before the end of each month. You are not required to make an RTS purchase however you must purchase one pre-order in the Fox & Tots VIP Group and that purchase will entitle you to a 20% off discount. Audits will occur to ensure correct code usage and purchasing requirements. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in termination of your brand representative contract.
  • Reps will be required to advertise at least 2 times, including once outside the group, per week. There will be a required weekly check in period where proof of brand representation must be submitted in our private Facebook group and or PM to group administrators. At least one of your weekly posts must include an actual and original photo featuring Fox & Tots merchandise. All reps are required post pictures of pre order merchandise purchased using the 20% discount for pre order merchandise within one week of merchandise delivery. If a member fails to submit the required proof two consecutive weeks in a row, they will be removed from the group without warning.

  • You are eligible for 40% off of one item per month. In order to qualify for the 40% off one item discount, you must complete at least one purchase using your 15% off discount code or the 20% pre order merchandise discount. These do not roll over, and or accumulate. The expectation is use it or lose it.
  • You will be issued a 10% discount code with unlimited use by any customer. This code will be tracked for performance and used in determining additional weekly rewards and other benefits. You may post this code on any social network, page, group, and or direct marketing method of your choice, so long as you provide documentation, ie: screenshot of the aforementioned posting. There is additional required etiquette in regards to posting and or sharing of the 10% discount code which will be further explained below.
  • There will be a weekly contest spanning from Saturday to the next. Your inclusion in the contest is dependent on your weekly required check in. The prizes and placing structure may very and will be determined by admin.


  • Though we expect our reps to be very motivated, sometimes code posting can be considered aggressive or overwhelming by visitors and potential customers. If a customer claims an item without a code, do not reply one right after another to the comment with codes. They must choose to use a code themselves, much like they would have to enter it themselves on the website. Replying one after another with codes could be construed as rude or overwhelming for some users.
  • You can post your code if you are tagging someone in a comment thread or sale. Please do not repeatedly tag people on a post. You may bump the post without tagging them. Also you must post a photo of your child wearing Fox & Tots clothing or make a flat lay to advertise your code. An example of proper etiquette has been provided below:
  • Please remember that everything on the internet can and will be used against you. We are all for free speech and encourage it very much so, however, please be careful when engaging in discourse on public forums or pages as you are representing Fox & Tots. We also realize that some of our styles may not be your cup of tea, but your responsibility is to promote this brand and be positive about all of our products at all times.

Please fill out the information below and type "I agree." in the message portion to confirm your agreement to the terms. By clicking or tapping "SEND", you are entering into a legally binding agreement with Fox & Tots, and its owner.